I never saw myself writing books, or anything for that matter.  But I always found myself in situations giving advice on dating and life.  Ever since I was old enough to date, people have always been intrigued by what I have to say concerning their circumstances.

Considering everything I’ve experienced in my own dating life; I never wanted someone to come in contact with me and afford themselves to say “no one ever told me so”.  This is because I know how that feels.  I know how it feels to not be given the proper guidance and go into situations without the slightest clue of what I was doing, or what it took to accomplish whatever it was I was trying to do. 

I found myself, constantly learning things the hard way and stumbling on my face; chasing after what society, friends, and especially family told me I was supposed to strive for.  Instead of seeking out what it was that I wanted for myself, on my own terms.  I was simply chasing a dream.

So I’ve dedicated much of my life, and my life’s work to waking people, like me, up from the dreams they were chasing…waking up the world.  I want to show the world what we’ve known all along but have never accepted to be true.  I want to show it to them in a whole new light.